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Kazoo Deluxe Nail Clipper Large

Kazoo Deluxe Nail Clipper Large

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Pet's nails continue to grow throughout their life, so need to be regularly trimmed to maintain good nail health. Keep your dog happy, healthy and comfortable with these easy-to-use Guillotine Nail Clippers.

Hold on to paw and position clippers a few millimeters from the nail end. Check to see where the quick (read more on the quick below) finished. Avoiding the quick, push down on the clippers until the nail is cut. Continue on other nails, one at a time. You can use a file to smooth edges if needed.

Dogs and cats nails have a 'quick'. this is an area containing nerves and blood vessels. When nails are light in colour, it's relatively easy to see the quick, but in dark nails you may not be able to see it. When trimming nails, only take a few millimeters off at a time as cutting into the quick can cause pain and bleeding. If you accidentally cut the quick you can use an antiseptic clotting agent to help stop the bleeding. If the bleeding doesn't stop within a few minutes, or you're worried about your pet, please contact your pet.


-Before trimming nails, try and get your pet familiar with their paws being touched. You can play games with them, or simply spend some time patting their paws. This way they will be more comfortable with having their nails groomed.
-Your pet's lifestyle will influence how often they need a nail trim. If they walk regularly on hard surfaces like concrete will need their nails trimmed less often - a good reason to take them for daily walkies!
-Specially shaped blades for safer clipping
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