What you need to look after a centipede


Centipedes are very different to millipedes. They are very aggressive and venomous and can't be handled. They can climb so their tank or tub needs a secure lid.


Centipedes don’t require a lot of room and can live quite happy in a terrarium 20cm x 20cm



10 -18cm


Centipedes are carnivorous predators which feed on live crickets, cockroaches etc.


Life Span

Centipedes can live up 15 years.


Ideal substrate is a 50:50 mix of moist coco peat and beach sand. They also require large rocks and stones to burrow under. They should be housed alone. 


Misting Bottle

Centipedes do not drink from a water bowl. Instead they Absorb Water through their skin it is important to keep one side of their enclosure damp using a misting bottle with de-chlorinated water.


Licence and Care
In Queensland you do not need a license to keep any native centipedes but you DO need a permit to collect. All of these creatures of course are susceptible to diseases such as fungal and viral infections and parasitic infestations also, so hygiene is still important. 





  • Tank
  • Substrate (Peat Moss)
  • Crickets
  • Misting bottle
  • Décor
  • Water De-chlorinator