Kitten Check List

Below is a list of things you should consider getting when you first get your new kitten :


  1. Food – a premium food is always recommended over cheaper alternatives. There are a number of reasons why veterinarians recommend these premium foods. We have a variety of foods available. Please ask our staff to explain the differences.


  1. Bowls – for water and food. It is recommended that more than one water bowl is used, in case your kitten knocks the bowl over.


  1. Flea, Intestinal Worming & Heartworm treatments – your breeder or the place you purchased your kitten from should have told you what treatments your kitten has had and when its’ next ones are due. Please ask our staff to explain the different options and requirements. We recommend you ask your vet to run through the requirements for ongoing treatment when you take your kitten for its vaccinations.


  1. Litter & Litter Tray – there are many types of litter & litter trays to choose from. Litter can be clumping, premium clumping, natural wood or coconut based, recycled paper or crystal silica based. Please ask us to explain the differences. We have small kitten litter trays, larger adult trays and enclosed boxes with filters. We also have the “Litter Kwitter” – a unique product you can use to train your cat to use the toilet in your house.


  1. Scratching Pole – kittens and cats naturally scratch to keep their claws sharp. Providing a scratching pole for them to use prevents them using household carpets or sofas as alternatives. There are many varieties and choices in scratching toys / furniture – please ask out staff to show you the choices.


  1. Toys – Toys are a good idea not just for fun but to help occupy and stimulate your kitten. Providing toys may also help prevent your new kitten finding it’s own “toys” amongst your household items.


  1. Bed/Igloo – your new kitten will appreciate somewhere to curl up in warm. Soft “wooly” textures or hideaway igloos are preferred by most kittens and cats.


  1. Treats – a variety of healthy or natural treats are available. Treats can be used to aid in oral care as well as to reward your cat for good behaviour.


  1. Collar – Cat collars with a built in safety breaking point should always be used. These are designed to break if the cat gets tangled in something whilst climbing. Bells on the collar help keep wildlife safe if your cat is outside hunting.


  • Grooming brushes / combs – a variety of brushes and combs are available. Regular grooming is a good idea to remove dead hair and reduce hairballs and tangling.


  1. Pet Carrier – for taking your kitten / cat to the vet or in the car.


  1. Cat Door – To allow easy access outdoors into a cat enclosure. There are various types that can be installed into screen doors, walls, glass or wooden doors and are accessible to your cat in different ways. Ask our staff what would be the best choice for your cat.