Current Live Stock

Pets Unleashed current pet for sale Brisbane list.

We a pet store located in Brisbane, who sell a wide range of pets from the sky to the water. We however do not sell dogs and our pet cats are all adoption pets provided from a shelter.

    Please be advised all pets will only be sold if animal welfare requirements are fulfilled. Some animals on this list require a license to keep and all animals cannot be shipped or delivered. You will be required to be over the age of 18 and Id may be requested with information being recorded.

    While we try to keep this list as updated as possible it is always a good idea to contact the store for the most accurate update. We do apologize if something sells out but cannot guarantee hold on any live stock.

    All Images are of the current stock available in store. We do not recycle images.


    Reptile License Required for all Species displayed with a ^



    Cunningham Skins - $164.95^ Only 2
    Krefft Turtle - $109.00^
    Macquarie Turtle - $99.99 ^
    Bearded dragons - $189.95^
    Bearded dragons High grade - $230.00^

    Children Python - $395.00^ 

    Albino Darwin Python - $899^

    Bredli Python - $549^

    Jungle Python - $299^

    Caramel Carpet Python - $549^


    Ornate Burrowing Frog -$99.99^
    Young Green Tree Frogs - $49.95^


    Tarantula Cape Gloucester - $59.95^
    Scorpion Yaschenkoi - $39.95^
    Black Rock Scorpion - $39.95^
    Giant Panda Snail - $134.95


    Budgies $49.95

    Small Animals

    Pet Adoption - Animal Welfare League Queensland

    All kittens can be found on the AWL website