aqua zonic eco aquarium heater - 25 watt (14cm mini)

Aqua Zonic Eco Aquarium Heater - 25 Watt (14cm Mini)

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Aqua Zonic Eco Aquarium Heater

Eco Heater maintains temperature selected throughout the tank. Temperature dial is easy to read and set. The glass tube is highly resistant against heat and shock and includes a Visible ON / OFF indicator lamp.

-Heat resistant glass
-Accurate temperature
-Energy saving
-Fast heating
-Superior design
-Fresh and salt water

25W - For tanks 25-50L
50W - For tanks 50-70L
100W - For tanks 70-155L
150W - For tanks 155-220L
200W - For tanks 180-270L
300W - For tanks 270-465L