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Zee Hydrophobic Non Slip Pet Socks 4.5 x 14cm

Zee Hydrophobic Non Slip Pet Socks 4.5 x 14cm

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The ZEEZ Hydrophobic Pet Socks are the perfect indoor/ outdoor sock! With its non-slip base, it can help prevent your pet from slipping on tiles, scratching floorboards and funiture, as well as keep their feet warm and dry. These socks have a hydrophobic treatment allowing the sock to be water resistant. When you pet walks through puddles or water touches the sock, the water will repel off the sock*. Perfect for light use in puddle and the garden. Over time, wear and tear to the product will wash away the hydrophobic treatment, this is why it is best to wash the sock in water without washing detergent. Socks are also great to be used after surgery and for allergies.

*This sock is water resistant and spending long periods of time in a puddle of water will cause the water to soak through the sock. This sock is not 100% waterproof.

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