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YD Soft Chicken Tenders 500g

YD Soft Chicken Tenders 500g

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Yours Droolly Soft Chicken tenders are the ideal treats for your best friend. Using 100% premium real chicken tenderloin cuts that are slow dried to lock in the nutrients and give your pet a healthy treat packed with flavour. Softer than a chicken tender piece, these treats can make for an easy chew treat for Puppies and Senior dogs. Sesame seeds have been added and known to have high omega fatty acids.

Yours Droolly Dog Treats use the very best quality meat ingredients and only include the essentials required, no carcasses, offcuts, bone or fillers. All Yours Droolly treats are made from real meat and troolly delicious for your best friend. A perfect treat for training and reward, slowly baked to perfection. Because we all want the best, so why can’t our dogs enjoy it too.

-Great soft and chewy treat. Ideal for puppies and senior dogs
-13cm in length, and can be ripped into small pieces.

Ingredients: chicken breast fillet, vegetable glycerine, sesame seeds, natural antioxidants [vitamin C, tocopherols (vitamin E), rosemary], potassium sorbate.

Grain and gluten free
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