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Thundershirt Grey X-Small

Thundershirt Grey X-Small

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The Thunder shirt is a safe and effective solution for dogs with anxiety. The ThunderShirt's patented design applies a gentle and consistent amount of pressure to the dogs torso. This pressure has an amazing calming effect on the dog. The pressure feels like a hug, which for many years now has reduce anxiety in both animals and humans. Some examples of this can be swaddling infants and using pressure to relieve anxiety in people with autism.

The ThunderShirts Design has a reflective strip which is great for night walks. The material is soft, breathable and washable.

Great for .....
Thunder storms
Separation anxiety
Car & air travel
Leash Pulling

Use for symptoms including:
-panting -whining
-hiding -shaking
-licking -scratching
-bolting -drooling
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