Ocean Nutrition Goldfish Flake 156g

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The perfect diet for our favorite pet. Formulated to provide a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins. The added pigments ensure that your goldfish keeps its vibrant colors. Key ingredients include fresh fish and seafood protein: salmon fillets, plankton, squid, krill, clams, herring, brine shrimp. Scientifically formulated to fulfill your goldfish?s needs. Also ideal for fancy goldfish varieties such as Black Moors, Bubble Eyes, Orandas, Ryukins, etc. Feed as much as you fish will eat in 2-3 minutes. Distribution 3-4 times per day.

-Highly attractive staple food, formulated to provide a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins and pigments necessary for the healthy development and coloration of all varieties of goldfish.
-Appropriate protein content and rich in vitamins.
-Contains garlic essences.
-Improves coloration and vitality while boosting the immune system.
-Formulated and tested by aquaculture biologists. Does not cloud the water.