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K&H Pet Bed Warming Pad 6 Watt

K&H Pet Bed Warming Pad 6 Watt

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K & H Pet Bed Warmer - Tan

With multiple size Pet Bed Warmers available, it's now possible to add heat to most indoor pet beds. It slides into any zippered dog or cat bed and is recommended for beds with at least ½ inch of padding between the warmer and bed surface. Simply plug it in and the warmer will generate a subtle, comfortable heat that any pet is sure to enjoy.

-SAA Approved
-Recommended for indoor use.
-Adds heat to most pet beds.
-Thermostatically controlled to heat to 102°F.
-Ideal for aging pets or those who enjoy warm sleeping areas.
-Energy-efficient design.
-5.5 ft. cord.
-1 year warranty.
-MET Listed.

Medium 6W - 14cm x 51cm
Large - 12W - 28cm x 60cm
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