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Doggie Balm Natural Dog wipes 80pk

Doggie Balm Natural Dog wipes 80pk

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Doggie Wipes (80 wipes) - Gentle & Safe Wipes for Dog Skin, Coat and Paws.

We only use Natural Ingredients.
No Parabens, No Masked Chemicals, Alcohol & Paraben Free.
We don't use phenoxyethanol in our products. Always check the back of the product and compare our ingredients with other brands.

Not all dogs love to be washed! These safe and natural dog wipes are made with natural ingredients and are just like bathing your dog but without the water!

Suitable for Sensitive Skin
Plant based & 100% Compostable
Skin balanced for Dogs
Hypo-allergenic (Unscented)
Daily clean skinfold and tear stains
Alcohol and Paraben Free
Longer lasting wipes - snap lock flap prolongs freshness
These natural dog wipes are perfect for daily cleaning and freshening up your dog. You can use these wipes for in-between bath times or use every day. Because our wipes include Aloe & Coconut Oil they will not dry out puppers coat. - In fact, the ingredients will promote a healthy, fresh coat.

Usage : Wipe dog coat, paws, snout or butt directly with wipes. Avoid direct contact in eyes. Whilst ingredients are natural, pupper may react to ingredients in the eye. If irritation occurs please stop usage.

Ingredients: Purified Aqua, Coco Glucoside (Natural Coconut Extract), Coconut Oil, Cucumber Extract, Benzalkonium Chloride (Organic Salt), Soybean Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Citric Acid, Vegetable Glycerine Soybean Amino Acids.
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