Api Nitrate Test Kit

Api Nitrate Test Kit

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"API Nitrate Test Kit - Testing NO3 in Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums

Nitrate (NO3-) is produced in the aquarium by the biological filter. Beneficial bacteria in the biological filter convert toxic ammonia and nitrite into nitrate. A high nitrate level indicates a build-up of fish waste and organic compounds, resulting in poor water quality and contributing to the likelihood of fish disease. Excessive nitrate also provides a nitrogen source that can stimulate algal blooms. In the opinion of many aquarists, maintaining a low nitrate level improves the health of fish and invertebrates.

Test Kit provides easy, accurate test solutions to measure nitrate in your aquarium:

Nitrate (90 tests)
Tests nitrate levels from 0 - 160 ppm
Suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums

This easy to use test kit includes:

1 test bottle with child-safety cap
1 glass test tube with snap tight caps
Laminated colour cards
Instruction booklet