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Anarchy Reptile Mitey Spray

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Anarchy Reptile Multi Liquid Pro Reptile wormer

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  • Anarchy Reptile Mitey Spray


Anarchy Reptile range is proudly manufactured in Australia from safe, high quality ingredients to ensure the products are of the highest standard. Anarchy Reptile Mitey Spray is a specially formulated solution that may help relieve the itching caused by mites on snakes and lizards. These mites can frequently be found on snakes and lizards in their cages environment and be a cause of intense irritation to the reptile. This can lead to anaemia and disease transmission. Directions : Shake well before use. Remove the reptile from its enclosure and spray Mitey Spray directly onto it from a distance of approximately 40cm. Avoid the head area. Alternatively you may spray Mitey Spray onto a clean cloth and wipe it over the reptile. Remove food and water dishes from the enclosure. After cleaning the enclosure spray it thoroughly to ensure it is Mitey clean. Allow to air for about 30 minutes before returning the reptile to its home. Following these steps will ensure the reptile does not breathe excessive fumes that could upset its repiratory system. Redose as necessary.

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