Petstages Crunchcore Dog Toy - Medium
Petstages Crunchcore Dog Toy - Medium

Petstages Crunchcore Dog Toy - Medium

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Let your dog enjoy the thrills of crunchy chewing with the Petstages Crunchcore Bone!

If your dog has ever taken empty plastic water bottles to chew on, but the bottles have torn and cut their mouth or gums or they get bored with the bottle, the Petstages Crunchcore is a trusty dog toy that is both safe and long-lasting! The Crunchcore Bone features multiple layers of durable crunchy material that sounds and feels like a plastic bottle. Your pet won?t be able to chew through this! The green tube in the center helps keep the shape of the bone and provides more chewing entertainment. The Crunchcore is also a safer alternative to regular plastic water bottles.


Tough crunchy bone with plastic bottle sound and texture that dogs love!
Made with 3 durable layers for a longer lasting chew toy for your pet
Won?t irritate gums or mouth like real plastic water bottles do
Neon green center tube keeps the shape of the bone and makes chewing more fun
Safer alternative to actual plastic bottles your dog may like to chew
No squeaker for squeak-free play
Great chew toy for enthusiastic chewers
Design/Shape: Bone

Colour: Translucent with Bright Green Core

Available Sizes:

Mini (Approximately 8.6cm (length) x 4cm (width) x 2.8cm (height))

Small (Approximately 11cm (length) x 4.6cm (width) x 3cm (height))

Medium (Approximately 13cm (length) x 5cm (width) x 4cm (height))

Large (Approximately 16cm (length) x 6cm (width) x 4.6cm (height))