Petsafe Scoop Free Ultra Hooded Litter Box

Petsafe Scoop Free Ultra Hooded Litter Box

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Dealing with pet waste is never a pleasant job, which is why we?ve introduced solutions for cats and dogs that involve minimum maintenance but maximum results.

The ScoopFree? litter box is a cleaner alternative that?s more hygienic than the traditional, manual ?clog and clump? trays. Just think?you?ll never have to scoop again!

And for dogs, there?s the Pet Loo? pet toilet, a convenient and simple product for both you and your pet with a unique urine drainage system that makes it one of the most hygienic house training solutions available.

In addition to the regular features and benefits of the ScoopFree? Original, ScoopFree? Ultra provides three additional features:

Privacy hood gives cats the extra privacy they deserve whilst keeping the litter properly contained.

Adjustable rake delay allows you to choose whether the automatic rake sweeps 5, 10 or 20 minutes after use.

Health counter tracks the frequency of use so you can monitor your cat?s health.