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Kazoo Heart Knit Dog Jumper Purple 46.5 M

Kazoo Heart Knit Dog Jumper Purple 46.5 M

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I’ve got a big heart on the inside and now I’ve got lots of little hearts on the outside. Just so my hoomans can see how much I love them. Almost as much as I love the soft snuggly-ness of my purple heart knit jumper. But don’t tell them that though. They’ll be brokenhearted.

This lightweight purple knit dog jumper really is a coat after my own heart. It’s stylish, comfy and easy to put on and take on. Not that I like to take it off, mind you. And everyone who sees me wearing it loves it too!


Stretchy wide chested fit
Made with recycled fibres
Machine washable, on a cool cycle with gentle detergent
Can be worn with or without leg straps to customise the fit
Custom-designed by the Kazoo Krew team
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