Kazoo Funky-Soft Walking Harness Galah Xs

Kazoo Funky-Soft Walking Harness Galah Xs

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Harness the power of the Kazoo Tethering Range! The Kazoo Funky Soft Walking Harness incorpates the heavy duty nylon webbing, reflective stitching, nickel hardware and tri-point duralock together to provide unmatched safety and security for your pet during walk time. Available in five sizes and three on trend designs.

Size Guide

Toy/Puppy - Neck 21cm - Girth 25 x 32cm

xxs - Neck 27cm - Girth 33 x 44cm

xs - Neck 33cm - Girth 40 x 53cm

Small - Neck 40cm - Girth 48 x 66cm

Medium - Neck 46cn - Girth 48 x 82cm