Ivory Coat Puppy Lamb And Brown Rice 18kg

Ivory Coat Puppy Lamb And Brown Rice 18kg

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Lamb & Brown Rice
It’s important to feel you’re offering your puppy quality dog food, and this tasty, ready-to-serve dry dog food is packed with all the goodness and nutrients that your four-legged friend needs.

Specifically designed for puppies, it includes Australian lamb as the number one ingredient, which is a great source of protein to help your pup build strong muscles. Salmon oil also provides essential fatty acids to help your puppy develop healthy skin and a glossy coat.

Nutrient-dense wholegrains, brown rice and oats, are added to provide essential fibre for optimal bowel function, and to generate the slow-release energy that growing puppies need. This quality dry dog food is also packed with specially-selected ingredients, including highly digestible peas, red lentils and beans, which provide a source of fibre and provide amino acids for overall digestive health.

Yucca schidigera extract is added to reduce the odour of your puppy’s stools, and a natural prebiotic - inulin – is used to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria for good gut health, and essential vitamins and minerals provide complete daily nutrition.

If you’re asking yourself, ‘is rice good for dogs?’, be sure to take a look at this article on the benefits of wholegrain puppy food.