Green Valley Open Range Hobby Farm 20kg

Green Valley Open Range Hobby Farm 20kg

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Green Valley Grains Hobby Mix is a highly palatable blend of steam rolled grains and legumes; cereal and lucerne chaff; vitamins and minerals, mixed and coated with molasses and vegetable oils.

It is suitable for feeding to as a supplementary feed to a range of animals, including pigs, poultry, sheep and cattle and alpacas.

GVG Hobby Mix is formulated to suit a wide ranges of species, however may not meet every animals total daily nutritional requirements. GVG Hobby Mix is designed to be fed with pasture and/or hay.

Feeding rates will vary depending on other available feeds, animal bodyweight and condition. For cattle and sheep feed up to 0.5% of the animals body weight.

This product is a supplement and NOT a complete feed. Always introduce GVG Hobby Mix gradually, and feed in conjunction with clean, fresh water. GVG Hobby Mix DOES NOT contain a rumen buffer.