BossCat Snug Blush

BossCat Snug Blush

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A 100% natural, 100% Australian sleeping nook for your cat to curl into.

Every snug is individually made in Brisbane from ethical Tasmanian grown wool. This 100% Aussie product is designed with durability, comfort, and the environment in mind. Each snug is hand dyed in single dye lots, then hand crocheted, guaranteeing that each snug is uniquely beautiful.

Bosscat snugs are made from sustainable wool for maximum comfort and breathability for your cat’s nestling comfort during all seasons. All snug wool is sourced from White Gum Wool in Oatlands Tasmania, a single farm operation where sheep are not slaughtered for meat after three years but are allowed to live their natural term lives as wool producers. No herbicides, fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides are used in growing White Gum Wool, making the snug a safe choice for your pet.

When you buy a bosscat snug, you are choosing to respect and preserve Australian land, ecosystems, animals, and craftspeople.

Diameter: 15 in / 38 cm

Weight: 900g