Billy & Margot Lamb can 400g

Billy & Margot Lamb can 400g

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Rich in flavor and texture, this delicious, quality lamb casserole is a complete and balanced option for adult dogs.

Made using a unique combination of quality protein and carefully selected natural ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, carrots and blueberries, this moist casserole is both nutritious and delicious. As well as a range of added vitamins and minerals, it also includes nutrient-dense superfoods such as coconut oil, flaxseeds and Manuka honey.

Nutritionally complete and expertly balanced, this product fits in the ‘enhance’ section of the Billy + Margot® Circle of Nutrition and is an ideal way to add variety and enjoyment to your adult dog’s everyday diet.

  • Created by Marie Jones, renowned canine nutritionist and founder of Billy + Margot®
  • Delicious, rich lamb casserole format adds variety to your dog’s diet.
  • Features a range of superfoods and fruit and vegetables, including Manuka honey, coconut oil, flaxseeds, sweet potato, peas, carrots and blueberries.
  • Only natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Completely free from grains.