Anarchy Mitey Spray 125ml

Anarchy Mitey Spray 125ml

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Reptile Mite Spray

Mites can cause your reptile to have many problems including dull, pitted or crusty skin or scales, skin irritations, ulcers, and loss of appetite. Intense irritation from wounds and bites could also lead to anaemia and disease transmission. Mites should be eradicated on your reptile and in their home environment. Use a properly formulated spray on the reptile and in their enclosure if applicable.

Shake liquids well before use. All food and water should be removed from enclosures before any sprays are used. Sprays should be held approximately 40cm from the reptile and not sprayed directly into face or eyes. Thorough use around enclosure is advised to prevent reinfestation. Use may be repeated if necessary.