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Pet Mat Heating Mat

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Quick Overview

The latest technology to keep your pet warm this winter. Suitable for use with any existing pet bed or mat. Waterproof low voltage system that is economical to run and has no danger of electrocution. Available in three sizes - Small, Medium & Large.

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  • Pet Mat Heating Mat



  • Latest Technology incorporating carbon fibre – No broken heating wires.
  • Extremely slimline and flat.
  • Is waterproof and can be washed if soiled.
  • Extremely durable, hardwearing and flexible.
  • Low Voltage system – economical to run and no danger of electrocution.
  • Does not overheat.
  • Extra covers available. 

Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads are the latest technology to utilise carbon fibre which results in the most economical pet heating pads & devices for keeping pets or sick/arthritic animals warm. The pet heating pads are compact, (about 1.5 mm/0.05 inch thick), fully flexible, durable, waterproof, and most importantly, operate on an entirely safe 12 volt system.

Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads have no thermostat control as the design of the heating pads is made to attain a maximum of 40°C (104°F), whether it is covered or not. Pet-Mat™ recommends that the provided cover is used to ensure maximum pet comfort. Coloured cover replacements can also be purchased separately to suit your pet or animal.
Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads have been designed to meet these stringent electrical standards: UL, CE, ASTM, and AS 335.2.81 which is a standard written for Personal Human Heating Pads.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small - 270mm x 190mm 
  • Medium - 380mm x 270mm 
  • Large - 540mm x 380mm

How Pet-Mat™ Pet Heating Pads Work

Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads are designed using the latest in carbon fibre technology. The power required to create heat through carbon fibre technology is very minor and Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads can be powered using a 12 volt DC adaptor. Put simply, the Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads require very little power to provide your pet with heating at economical rates. This further reduces our carbon footprint, making this device an eco-friendly pet heating option. Simply turn on Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads, place them on top of your pet's bed (never underneath pet beds), or by themselves in a draft-free corner, and your pets simply take to them!

Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads have been designed to operate at no more than 40°C (104°F) above the ambient temperature with a theoretical condition of absolutely no heat loss. In real-life, and by the very nature of the design of the Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads, this is simply not achievable – but a more practical heat rise of 20°C (68°F) is usually maintained above ambient conditions.

There is also no need to have a thermostat for Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads (as there are not many pets who can work a thermostat anyway!) Simply switch on Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads, and leave them on. Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads will maintain a temperature slightly warm-to-the-touch, until contact is made by your pet. After contact is made, the area covered will warm up comfortably due to heat dynamics. Absolutely no fuss or care is needed.

Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads can, under normal conditions, be used in general weather conditions of 20°C (68°F) or less. This in turn will provide good warmth of up to a maximum of 40°C (104°F) — an ideal temperature for most pets without running the risk of skin burn, or risk of fires.

Moreover, being powered by a 12 volt DC adaptor means that there is absolutely no danger of electrocution to your beloved pets.

Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads have removable covers to aid in cleaning when soiled or dirty. If the covers of your Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads get dirty, they can be removed and cleaned.

Pet-Mat™ pet heating pads can be cleaned by washing with soapy water, but remember to first unplug pet heating pads from their low voltage transformer. Once cleaned, make sure that your pet heating pads are dry before plugging them back into their transformer.

Bed Type Heat Mat
Dog Size Giant, Large, Medium, Puppy, Small, Toy
Brand Pet Mat

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