Winter Fish Health

Fish get cold too.  During cooler months, fish can become stressed,leading to health problems. Follow these simple tips to help your fish to thrive during Winter.

1. Avoid Drafts
Make sure that your fish tanks are not exposed to cold drafts at night—it may pay to shut doors to reduce this.

2. Check Temperature
Check the temperature of your tank with a thermometer. Heaters sometimes stick and their thermostats break down. If your heater does not appear to be working, replace it.

3. Check the Size of your Heater
Check that your heater is big enough for your tank, by following the manufacturer's recommendations.

4. Check Water Quality
Ensure your water quality is correct - and keep up your tank maintenance regime. Make sure you have a water test kit and test your water regularly. Keep the tank clean and check that your filters are fully operational.

5. Avoid Large Water Changes
Filling the tank with cold water can reduce the temperature significantly, leading to stress and disease. Try more frequent, but smaller, water changes instead.

6. Treat with Medication as needed
Fish under temperature stress can commonly suffer from fungal disease or whitespot. Keep an eye out for these, and treat with medication as needed.

7. Feed a Nutritious Diet
Make sure that you feed a nutritious diet, to boost your fish' immune system. Ensure that it is a quality food as cheaper brands do not always contain all of the nutrients that your fish require. Frozen foods can also be a big help in adding vitamins and minerals to the diet.


* Article sourced from Aquarium Industries.  Pets Unleashed is a stockist of Aquarium Industries live fish, plants and frozen foods.