There are many types of cat litter available today and even “no pet litter” options. So which is the best one? They all have their pros and cons. 

  • Re-cycled wood shavings  - such as Oz-Pet Litter:  These are the ones we use In our shop (for the Anmal Welfare League cats we are trying to re-home). We use a product called Oz-Pet litter. This is made of re-cycled wood chips made into pellets. We use it with the special sieve litter tray that Oz-Pet also make. The pros of this product are: It absorbs smells really well; when it gets wet the pellet crumbles so you just have to sieve it and then throw out just the wet product; it’s relatively cheap to use once you’ve purchased the Oz pet Tray; it’s environmentally friendly. We’ve never had a problem with a cat changing to it. There are other companies products on the market which are similar but we have not found one that works quite as well as Oz-Pet.
  • Crystal Litter - such as Rudducks Litta Beads: These work well at absorbing urine and smells and last for a long time before they need completely changing. They are however not as environmentally friendly and are generally more expensive. This type of cat litter is not recommended for kittens under 12 weeks as they may ingest the litter when exploring their environment. 
  • Re-cycled paper pellets - such as Breeders Choice litter:  These are very common as most supermarkets sell them. They are reasonable at absorbing urine and are cheap but they are not the best at keeping odours down.
  • Coconut Husk shavings - such as Kitty's Crumble: These are a new player on the block. It’s  great at absorbing smells, the cats like it and it’s environmentllay friendly too. Can get kicked out easily by the cat so a high sided litter tray or enclosed litter tray is recommend.
  • Clay based Litter - such as Misty’s Clumping Litter: One of the oldest methods. Absorbs urine well and is cheap but you tend to throw more out as the urine spreads the clay. Not the best at keeping smells down, although a lot of the higher end ones now have fragrance added. This type of cat litter is not recommended for kittens under 12 weeks as they may ingest the litter when exploring their environment.
  • Litter Free Options - such as the Kitty Kat Pet Loo & Litter Kwitter). There are now products on the market which you can train your cat to use instead of litter and a litter tray. Litter Kwitter is a patented device you can use to train your cat over several weeks to use a human toilet! They can’t flush though J. Products such as Kitty Loo are artificial grass on an elevated plastic tray. The cat uses the grass as if it was real grass. Any urine runs through collected in  a tray for easy emptying. Just wash down the grass with detergent and water.  These products cost more at the outset but over time you save money as you will not have to purchase litter.  

And remember, most cats don’t like to change litter – so ease them into gradually.