What are Dr B's B.A.R.F (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Patties

What ingredients are in a BARF Pattie?

BARF patties contain healthy fresh raw foods like muscle meat, organ meat, bones, vegetables, fruit, eggs and yoghurt, which is rich in essential fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, natural photochemicals and anti-oxidants.

Are there any other hidden “filler” ingredients in the BARF Pattie?

No.  BARF patties contain no fillers, no chemicals, no colouring, no preservatives, no heat processing (which can take the goodness out of veggies) and no grains.

What flavours are available?

Dr B’s Patties for Dogs come in six flavours – Chicken, Lamb Combination, Kangaroo, Beef and Pork.

Can I feed my dog other food as well as BARF?

BARF has been formulated with the right amount of nutrition for your pet.  It may be fed as the whole diet or combined with varying proportions of raw meaty bones and other raw healthy foods.

What difference will feeding BARF really make for my pet?

There are many benefits in feeding Dr B’s BARF products to your pet.  Their skin and coat will be one of the first noticeable changes with a more lustrous and shiny coat. 

Their energy levels should increase, and some allergies can also disappear, even auto-immune problems may reduce in severity. 

Your pet’s teeth will have less tartar and healthier gums.  And a much sweeter breath (all the better for those kisses)!

Because of the ingredients used, your pet’s stool volume will decrease and because of the high bone content within the patties, there will be minimal odour.

How should I introduce my pet to the patties?

There are 4 methods you could use.  You know your pet’s eating preferences so choose the option you think your pet will be the most comfortable with.

1. You can offer one meal of the pattie and the next meal of the old food and gradually feed fewer meals of the old type.  If your pet accepts this method with no problems, it is an indication that your pet has a robust digestive system and would handle the rapid switch well.

2. Another way is to offer less and less of the old food and more of the new food.  For eg. Feed 25% of the new food for a few days, then increase to 50% for a few days, 75% for a few and then 100%.

3. The slow switch method is to physically break the old and new food down and combine into a mass.  Start out with small amounts of the new and gradually decrease the old over time.  This works well with pets who are reluctant to try new foods.

4. Introduce the new food in a cooked state, gradually feeding it in a more raw state – this can work well with fussy pets and useful introduction for cats.

Can I feed my cat Dr B’s BARF patties for Dogs?

Dogs and Cats have different nutritional needs so cats should never be fed dog food! 

However, Dr B has created BARF patties so your feline friend does not go without.  Cat patties are available in Kangaroo and Turkey flavours.