Tips for a Safe & Warm Cat Over Winter 

Have you noticed a change in temperature yet?  Is the season changing?  Has your feline family member started claiming the warmest spot in the house?

CuddlersWhile we can pull on a jumper or turn on the heater to keep ourselves warm, our pets rely on us to keep them safe and warm.  If we’re starting to notice a change in temperature then so are our pets.

SnuggleSafeCats will quite often seek out the warmest places in the house & you can also spoil them with a cosy cuddler or cat bed.    Heated beds or heat pads under the bedding can also provide a soft, gentle heat.  

A nice sunny spot to soak up the winter sun will also have you in their good books.  Indoor cats like a window-ledge or chair where they can catch the warmth of the winter sun through the window during the day, while outdoor cats will seek out the sunshine on top of a fence or roof.  Try a window perch for kitty – it’s perfect for basking in the winter sun.    

Installing a cat door is also a great idea and provides your pets with the choice to come inside when the weather is at its worst and they feel they need to.

A lot of cats will shed their summer coats before putting on their winter coat. A little extra attention to their coats and daily or weekly brushing (as needed) should help to keep you both happy.

Cat FurnitureCats can suffer from inactivity as well during winter so a cat scratching and climbing post, cat tunnel or interactive cat toys can keep kitty amused and active. 

Your cat may put on weight and coat thickness during the winter months.  Some of the finer coated cat breeds may actually require a little extra food to maintain their weight.  If they’re an outdoors cat, you may also need to slightly increase their servings to allow for the extra energy they will burn to keep warm.  It’s good practice for any time of year to be aware of changes in weight of any of your pets and to adjust your portions accordingly.  Watching the treats is always good advice ! 

It can be easy during winter to make the mistake of thinking that pets need less to drink. Clean fresh water should be available & having more than one source of water for your pet is a must.  A waterer is a great way to ensure a steady supply is available at all times.   Cats especially like to drink from running water so drinking fountains may be a better option.

And don’t forget lots of warm cuddles, pats, strokes & some time inside with you for all your pets during winter! 


** DISCLAIMER: This article is the personal opinion of the Pets Unleashed team. We always recommend seeking specialist or veterinarian advice when it comes to making decisions about the health or well-being of your pet, particularly in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.