The Hair of the Dog

Have you noticed the tumbleweeds of cat and dog hair wafting over the floor lately? It’s a sign that you need to get into grooming to make your pet more comfortable, to prevent your pet’s coat from matting and to stop those fur balls accumulating in every corner of your house.

As we move into spring, you should be grooming your pets on a daily basis to remove their winter coat.   There's a fascinating range of products designed to make grooming easier.

As we move into spring, you should be grooming your pets on a daily basis to remove their winter coat.

Zoom Groom for CatsLook for a Zoom Groom. This is a nylon brush with large, soft tongs which will gently strip the dead hair from your pet's coat. Zoom Grooms are available for dogs and cats and come in several forms. An added advantage of the Zoom Groom is that, being nylon, it can also be used to massage shampoos and flea rinses into your pet's coat - just the thing when you are planning your pet's Spring clean!

Also, look for Slicker brushes. These brushes have dual level pins on a cushioned pad with a curved head. The long and short pins work at two levels to remove the matts and the dead hair that make your pet shabby. Slicker brushes are available in different sizes to suit your breed and are suitable for both dogs and cats.

Slicker BrushDeshedding tools can also help with the removal of undercoat and loose hair.  The FURminator is the ultimate deshedding tool that is guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb or rake.  It comes in three sizes and is suitable for long & short-haired dogs and cats.

For long-haired pets or those with thick hair, now is a good time to have them clipped. You can have them professionally clipped or do it yourself with a set of good quality clippers.  They will feel so much more comfortable after the removal of their hot coat of heat-trapping hair. Clipping will allow them to cool down much easier and will lessen the chance of heat stroke in the coming summer months. Ugly mats of hair that trap foreign bodies and that pinch your pet's skin will also be removed.

While you are at it, consider changing your cat’s diet to a hair-ball control formula to help your cat with any additional fur it may be ingesting while self-grooming.  Remember the saying – ‘the only truly self-cleaning appliance in your house is the cat’!