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Arthritic Diseases in Dogs and Cats

22/05/2016 2:30 am | Posted in Dogs & Puppies Cats & Kittens Dog Health By

Pets Unleashed

Old dogs and cats often have stiff old bones. These poor pets creak and hobble around the house, struggle up and down stairs and work especially hard to get to their feet in the chilly mornings. Don't assume that this is a normal 'old age thing' and that nothing can be done. More...

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Do you have some niggling questions about your pet's health or behaviour?  Are you unsure about your pet's general health? Want to find out whether you are doing the right thing but have no other reason to go to the vets?  There's no need to spend the $$$ to find out the answers - we can help.

We offer a FREE six point health check in-store, every day, between 10am and 4pm.  Our pet experts are trained to perform some basic health checks that will have you leaving feeling confident that your pet is on the right track and know if you should seek further veterinary assistance.

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