Besides the annual visit for vaccinations we don't tend to go to the vet unless our pet exhibits definite signs of being injured or unwell. It generally costs too much to go for any other reason - like a question or two on whether you are doing the right thing.

For new pet owners too it can be a bit daunting at first - especially if you've never owned or had a pet before.  There are a few key areas that all pet owners should be familiar with to keep their pets happy and healthy for the long term.

Our FREE six point health check can help put your mind at ease - and without the $$ of going to the vet.  Our basic health checks will have you leaving feeling confident that your pet is on the right track and knowing if you should seek further veterinary assistance.

We check the following six important health areas:

  1. Nutrition and Weight
  2. Dental Health
  3. Skin & Coat
  4. Joint Mobility
  5. Parasites (worms, ticks and fleas)
  6. Behaviour

Nutrition and Weight


Dental Health


Skin and Coat


Joint Mobility