The Shedeze deshedding tool means less pet hair around the home and a healthier looking coat for your pet.  The tool has dual blade technology so it's effective on long and short haired dogs and cats. With a simple adjustment you can also change tool so its suitable for use on fine and coarse hair.

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How does it work?

The Shedeze tool works like you're brushing your pets coat.  It has v-shaped teeth that are specially designed to remove the undercoat.  I's unique dual blade will not cut the top coat and instead removes fine and coarse hair from the undercoat.  It also has an eject button to easily release the hair as you go.

Just glide it over the coat like a brush and watch the hair come out. 

Why you need a Shedeze

  • Reduces Shedding - reduces shedding by up to 90% with long term use
  • Allergy Friendly - Less loose hair around the house
  • Reduces Cat Hairballs - works on long or short haired cats

Over time the deShedding tool will reduce ongoing shedding and produce a healthier coat for your pet.

See it in action!