• Do you want to create a great bond between your dog or puppy and yourself?
  • Do you need to keep your dog entertained?
  • Does your dog bark when it is left at home alone?  Or chew up your favorite shoes?

Keep reading and you might find a fun answer to your problems.

Puzzle games for dogs and interactive dog games that provide mental stimulation and challenge your pet are one of the best ways to keep your pet’s body moving and their mind entertained.  A pet puzzle game will not only keep your dog or puppy entertained but will also stimulate their mind.  Research has shown that 15 minutes of mental stimulation for a dog is like going on a 1 hour walk.  So if you are walking your dog each day and challenging your pet with games and puzzles, you are less likely to have a dog or puppy that is going to chew, dig holes and be naughty.

Puzzle games & dog treat puzzles are an easy way to provide mental stimulation for your dog. These toys are attractive to dogs as they have hidden treats inside them to keep the dogs attention on the toy or game.  Nina Ottosson dog toys provide a range of puzzle games to play with your dog.  Nina Ottosson has a range of pet puzzle and dog treat puzzle toys for dogs. The Nina Ottosson dog toy range is designed so your dog or puppy is exercising their mind and body at the same time. Nina Ottosson’s motto is that a dog has one head and four legs, which means all five need activity in different ways - both mental and physical.

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider providing your dog or puppy with a puzzle game:

  • Helps prevent weight problems – your dog or puppy will need to “work for their food or treat” by solving or working through the challenges of the puzzle toy.
  • Great for exercising mind and body – mental stimulation is a great way to exercise the mind of your pet.•Combine this into a puzzle toy and you’ve got mind and body exercise covered.
  • Excellent way to bond with your pet – imagine the fun you can have watching your pet try to findthose treats and get their reward. It’s a fun time for them and one they’ll remember and associate withyou!
  • Prevents boredom – keeping your dog or puppy entertained makes for a better behaved pet overall.

Nina Ottosson have a wide range of puzzle toys to choose from. Here’s two of our most popular sellers:

The Tornado

Nina Ottosson TornadoThe Tornado dog toy is a clever puzzle game that is great for you and your dog.  It has four layers of rotating bone shaped disc that makes it a challenge for your dog to get treats out.  Three layers of the puzzle can have treats hidden in them for your dog to find.   The aim of The Tornado puzzle is for your dog to twist the bone shaped disc to find the hidden treats inside.  The Tornado puzzle is also great for cats.

Buy the Tornado here


The Brick

Nina Ottosson The BrickThe Brick dog toy is designed to reward your dog for their hard work finding the treats.  The Brick works by hiding treats in compartments under the brown bricks.  Your dog then needs to work out how to slide the brown bricks across to get to the treats hidden inside.  The Dog Brick toy is a great mental stimulation toy for your dog.

Buy the Brick here



Pets Unleashed stock a great range of mental stimulation and puzzle toys for your pets including Nina Ottosson, Kong, Busy Buddy and many more.   Browse our range of dog puzzle toys and games from our online pet store.  Then get started on creating a happy, calm dog and never ending bond between you and your pet.