Not sure what you'll need for your new goldfish? 

A list of things to get you started with your new goldfish:

  • Aquarium Tank : Must be big enough to hold the fish you intend to keep. Consider not only the number of fish but the size they will grow to over timeNew Goldfish
  • Gravel : Gravel should be 4-5cm deep throughout the tank. Ensure the gravel size is suitable for the fish you intend to keep and that the gravel is washed thoroughly before adding to the tank
  • Filters : For tanks up to 150L we sell internal filters. Most internal filters provide filtration in 3 different ways : Mechanical, chemical and bacterial. Of these 3, bacterial filtration is perhaps the most important. “Good bacteria” live on the filter sponge and help break down and recycle waste. Ensure you have the correct size filter for your tank
  • Good Bacteria : This comes in the form of products such as “Stress Zyme” or “Aqua Cycle”. These liquids contain live bacteria which are activated when they hit water
  • Chlorine Neutralizer or Water Conditioner: This is an absolute must. Chlorine in tap water wil harm your fish unless removed first. Water conditioner contain additional ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamins and helps eliminate ammonia and other toxins.
  • Fish Food : Either goldfish pellets or goldfish flakes should be used. There are also foods for mixed tanks with bottom feeders and goldfish.  We sell quality foods with higher nutrition values and colour enhancers than cheaper varieties available elsewhere. Consider using frozen food once or twice a week for optimum fish health.
  • pH Testing Kit. Maintaining the correct acidity of the water is crucial to keeping your fish healthy. A senior pH testing kit with pH UP and pH Down to adjust the pH is highly recommended.
  • Goldfish Aquarium Salts : These can help buffer PH changes in the tank and help keep your fish healthy. They also replace lost minerals in tap water that would have been available in the wild.
  • Fish Net : the only way to safely move your goldfish to another container for the big cleaning jobs
  • Plants/ Ornaments : great for providing shelter and places to hide as well as making the tank look natrual and inviting
  • Gravel Cleaner : makes the job of cleaning the gravel and changing the water in a larger tank much easier.

Note : It is recommended when setting up a new tank that you allow at least 3 days before adding your first fish. This gives the good bacteria time to grow and helps ensure your fish stay healthy once you get them home.  It’s also good practice to add only a couple of fish for the first few days and to then gradually add new fish. Adding too many fish at once can throw the balance of the tank out and lead to disease.