Not sure what you'll need for your new bird? 

A list of things you'll need for your new pet bird :

  • Cage : The best advice is to get the biggest cage you can afford. For birds such as budgies cockatiels a wider cage rather than a taller cage will allow for flight. This should be considered if your bird is not hand tamed and therefore will not spend much if any time outside of it’s cage
  • Water & Food Bowls : Check if these are included in the cage you haveNew Bird
  • Food : Depending on which type of bird you have you will need specific food types. For parrots, pellets are available which contain all of the nutrients and vitamins your bird requires. Premium seed mixes can also be used but these must be supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. For lorikeets, dry and wet nectar mixes are available
  • Perches & Ladders : Most birds like to have perches at a variety of heights. There are many types available, including ones with various grip sizes to encourage the use of different muscles in the birds feet. Native tree branches can be used. Sand perches can be used also to help keep your birds claws from growing too long
  • Toys : Most birds but especially parrots & larger birds require stimulation to prevent them becoming bored and unwell. Various types of toys are available. Birds can see colour and are often attracted to shiny things as well. It’ a good idea to buy a few and swap them around
  • Calcium and Iodine Bells/ Perches/ Cuttlefish : Many pet birds are calcium and iodine deficient. This can lead to feather growth defects, weakness and illness. Calcium and iodine supplements are readily available in the form of perches and treat bells
  • Vitamin Drops : these can be used to supplement food to ensure your bird has all of the required nutrients
  • Seed Catcher : Depending on the type of cage you have a seed catcher can prevent seeds and food being thrown out of the cage as your pet bird eats
  • Treats : These can vary from millet spray, to treat bells to sunflower seeds etc.  All treats these should be given sparingly to avoid obesity and ill health

Other things you might also want to consider :

  • Shell grit (depends on type of bird)
  • Silver sand / sand sheets for bottom of cage