Kong Toys are the classic dog toy that everybody's heard of - and every dog needs.  But did you know that Kong Toys are now much, much more than the original red classic chew cone?  The classic cones are still great - and every dog really does need one - but now you can also get your dog a whole lot more Kong than just the cone!

Kong are well known for their rubber chew toys and have been making them for a long time.  Chewing is a natural behaviour for your dog and can help with the overall maintenance of healthy teeth, gums and jaw muscles.  Providing your dog with a toy they are allowed to chew as much as they like is the key to avoiding ‘off limit’ objects from being accidentally chewed.  Kong offer a variety of options for all types of chewers.

Kong also have a range of toys for dogs that love to fetch or tug.  The Wubba range combines the classic Kong with a fleecy or tough materials cover with floppy bits that make it fun to throw, fetch and play tug.

One of the newer ranges for Kong is the Air Kong.  Who would have thought that putting a squeaker inside a tennis ball would cause such a stir in the dog toy world.  If your dog loves the texture of the tennis ball and loves to fetch then you cant go past the Kong Air range.

Here’s a bit more info about some of the more popular Kong toys.  You can also browse our range of Kong Toys in our online pet store.

Kong ClassicKong Classic

The Kong Classic has been pleasing dogs and owners for over thirty years.  It really is a classic dog toy that has a wide range of uses and is perfect for dogs that like to chew.  It’s made of super-bouncy, red natural rubber compound that is pet-safe and built to be chewed.

The Kong Classic is perfect for stuffing – and be inventive.  Try raw meat, chicken necks and other foods – if you can fit it in and your dog likes it them give it a go!  A tip also is to stuff with food and then freeze the whole thing for a refreshing

Kong Wubba Friends

Kong Wubba Friends

The Wubba is a winning combination of the tough rubber toy and a dog’s love of textures and floppy bits.  Wubba Friends are a cute interactive toy that squeaks and can be shaken all about.  All Wubba’s have floppy bits too making them easy to pick up and throw or a whole lot of fun being shaken around.

Kong Air

Air Kong Toys

The Kong Air range offers the classic tennis ball feel with a squeaker inside.  Also known as the Air Dog you can find one suitable for throwing, fetching, kicking, tossing or tugging.  Unlike normal tennis balls, the felt is made with a special non-abrasive material that won’t wear down your dogs teeth.  They’re also tougher than a tennis ball so will last longer.


If your dog doesn’t yet own a Kong then isn’t it time that they did?  They’ll be the first to show you: it’s not just a toy, it’s a KONG.