Keeping your Cat Entertained & Happy

We often hear people tell us that their cat does not play with the toys they buy them. Many people think that like people their cats grow out of toys. Whilst our pets mature they still like to keep entertained and amused. Do you ever like to play sport, play computer games, or mind activity games like suduko ? Well our cats are no different. They need both physical and mental stimulation to be happy.

Bored Cat for ArticleFor cats it’s all about finding out what it is that gets their curiosity going. Many people are choosing to keep their cat in either all the time or certainly at night (for both their safety and wildlife safety).It’s worth the effort to try to find out what stimulates them – do they like to chase, hunt, or interact ?

Boredom may be the result of loneliness or inactivity and can lead to a variety of behavioural problems, including, aggression, depression, obsession with food and compulsive grooming.

If you really can’t find play toys that stimulate them consider putting their food in a treat ball or even hiding their dry food around the house – this will not only stimulate them but also exercise them. Also remember to rotate their toys so they remain interested – most of us get bored if we keep playing the same game over and over.

Some Ideas to Make Life More Exciting for our Cats

  • Leave on Radio or Television - If your cat is alone in the house during the day leave the radio or television on. This will make them think they have company
  • Boxes and Paper Bags – cheap and loads of fun ! Makes sure you cut holes and remove handles etc. Fill with treats for extra fun
  • Cat Furniture – there are loads of different types to choose from – short or tall, with sisal /  carpet / velour with hidey holes / ladders / ropes / dangling toys. Cat furniture gives your cats a place to explore, climb and scratch
  • Food Trail - leave a trail of treats through your home or hide their food in different spots around the house . You cat will have hours of fun sniffing out their food or treats
  • Get another Cat - Consider getting two kittens instead of one. Two cats can keep each other amused and will not need as much human company. If you have an adult cat then introduce them slowly and consider one of the opposite sex (desexed of course)
  • Get an Aquarium - Your cat will be fascinated with the fish. Make sure that the top of the tank or bowl is secured with a lid
  • Install a Bird Feeder  - in view of the window and a window perch for your cat - this will provide loads of  entertainment for your cat
  • Cat Toys - one way to relieve feline boredom, as well as keeping your cat in trim, is to provide plenty of toys. Cat toys do not have to be expensive and there are many different types of cat toys available:
    • Small plastic balls or mice toys
    • Catnip filled soft toys
    • Laser toys (for you and them)
    • Wind-up or battery-operated toys
    • Crinkle Play Bags
    • Treat balls
    • Hand gloves (for you and them)
    • Teaser Wands (for you and them)
    • Door bungarees

With a mix or all of the above, your cat need never be bored again !!


** DISCLAIMER: This article is the personal opinion of the Pets Unleashed team. We always recommend seeking specialist or veterinarian advice when it comes to making decisions about the health or well-being of your pet, particularly in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.