Wondering how often you should wash your dog?  

The short answer is no more than every 2 weeks (unless advised otherwise by your vet). Once a month is ideal for your dog’s skin and coat. If you wash your dog too often the skin becomes dry and flakey. Washing away the natural oils on a dogs skin may also lead to skin irritation and itchiness. You can freshen up your dog in between baths using a “dry shampoos”, pet wipes, canine deodourising sprays and doggie colognes. There are a number of these available – check out our online store or ask in-store.

Using the correct shampoo

Be careful to use the correct shampoo for your dog – and never use human shampoo. Your dog’s skin has a different acidity to human skin and therefore human shampoo may irritate your dog.   Puppies also have different skin to adult dogs and that is why there are separate Puppy shampoos.   Unless your dog needs a medicated shampoo for skin conditions, always try and use a soap free shampoos or “natural” shampoos.

Flea and tick shampoos are a help if your dog has a flea or tick infestation but they are not the best source of treatment and therefore should be used as a back up only. Be careful if you have used a spot on flea or tick treatment in the last few days as the shampoo can interfere with how many topical flea treatments work (even after the product has dried). 

Common types of dog shampoo

  • Soap-Free Shampoo - some shampoo's are gentle, soap-free and less likely to irritate your dog's skin.  If you're looking for a standard shampoo then choose a low irritant, soap-free dog shampoo.
  • Oatmeal Based Shampoo - oatmeal based shampoo's can soothe as well as cleanse itchy dry skin on dogs and cats.  A good choice if your dog is prone to flaky dry skin, redness and skin irritations.
  • Medicated Shampoo - there is a range of medicated shampoo available to treat a wide range of dog skin conditions including anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-itch.  If you're not sure what you need speak with your vet or pet care expert.
  • Flea Shampoo - a flea shampoo can be used to kill active adult fleas on your dog.  A good choice for instant relief however longer term preventions and treatment is also required.  Flea shampoo's can interfere with spot on flea treatments so check with your pet store on when to use a flea shampoo.

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