No more hiding the squeaky toys when you've had enough but your dog hasn't.  Hear Doggy! are a new range of "silent" squeaky dog toys that give your pet the same sensation and enjoyment of the traditional squeaky toy but won't drive you crazy!

So how do they work?

Dogs can hear at a higher frequency than us mere mortals.  We can hear frequencies within the 0 to 20 KHZ range - where as our dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency within the 0 to 45 KHz range.   The squeaker in the Doogy Hear toys is finely tuned to an ultrasonic range in the 24 to 28 KHz frequency - so our dogs can hear it but we can't.  

See the range in action here...

Benefits of the Hear Doggy toy range include:

  • a great squeaker sound for your dog - but not for you!
  • your dog can play and play and play - and you won't hear a thing!
  • fun designs and textures to suit all doggy tastes.

See our range of Hear Doggy! Toys here...