Gentle Leader Chest Harness

When you walk your dog does it feel like your dog is just pulling you along?  If you want to know how to stop your dog from pulling then get a walking harness that works!

The Gentle Leader Easy Walk Dog Harness is a simple design that works by redirecting the pressure through a front leash attachment instead of behind the neck or shoulder.  It has a martingale chest loop closure that tightens slightly across the chest and shoulder blades when your dog attempts to pull forward.  This has the effect of turning your dog towards you and negating any pulling power.we recommend the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness.  It's a good alternative to the head harnesses as well.

They're also easy to fit and to use - and there's little training or technique required to use them.  There are effectively three loops to the harness - and once you've tightened it to fit you only need undo the one buckle that runs behind the legs and pop it over the head.  This also helps to remember how it goes back on - just pop it over the head and give your dog a hug to do up the strap behind the legs.  Easy!

The harness comes in a few different colours as well as sizes to suit all breeds.  They're also fully adjustable which makes them perfect for all breeds and ages.

We've used the Easy Walk Harness for years to control our two cattle-X girls.  

Check out Sarah and her 'girls' walking with the Gentle Leader Harness.