360 Degree Viewing

Fluval Edge AquariumThe world’s first 3D water cube aquarium, the 23 litre Fluval EDGE can be filled to the very brim thanks to the glass top, providing high definition viewing from every angle.  

The partially sealed top reduces evaporation for less maintenance and a large, hidden aperture allows oxygen exchange to keep fish healthy. A floating base design gives the set a very small footprint for easy placement and lends the aquarium a clean, contemporary look.

Visually Stunning

A powerful, retractable halogen lighting system creates a visually stunning display.  Two 10 watt bulbs create a bright, directional light source for a beautiful ‘shimmer’ effect across your entire aquatic scene.

Advanced, Hidden Filtration

Fluval Edge FiltrationFluval EDGE comes complete with a powerful and efficient 3 stage filter which remains completely hidden, preserving the striking aquarium design.  

Featuring mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for clear, healthy water, the EDGE filter is taken from Hagen’s Aquaclear clip on filter range, currently the world’s best selling filter.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

Fluval EDGE takes only seconds to assemble and the perforated, removable cover effectively dissipates lamp heat, avoids moisture and allows easy access to the filter’s lift out media trays.  

A range of EDGE cleaning accessories are available, making cleaning and maintenance child’s play!

Fish for Fluval EdgeChoosing Your Fish

EDGE friendly species include White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Betta Splendens, Barbs, Danios, small Goldfish, Crystal Red Shrimps, Snails. Remember, Goldfish in particular grow so may need to be moved to a larger tank later in life.

Allow a minimum of 3 litres of water for every 1cm of fish, excluding the tail. Tropical fish require an aquarium heater. 

"Inspired by architectural styling, the FLUVAL EDGE aquarium creates a unique visual effect capturing emotion and serenity within a contemporary setting."