Ezy Dog Lead & Harnesses

Ezy Dog LeadsEzy Dog leads and harness combinations are perfect for walking, sporting and travelling with your dog.  

What Makes EzyDog Leads & Harnesses So Good?

  • EzyDog Leads are great for doggie & pup leash pulling.  All EzyDog leads are made using unique shock absorbing technology and handle styles for a more Ezy Dog Leads & Harnessescomfortable walk for both of you. 
  • EzyDog Leads have optional extensions available for easy walking of two dogs
  • EzyDog Harnesses are the perfect dog harness for travel.  Safely buckle up your dog.  Each harness comes with a swivel car restraint that provides dog safety while travelling in the car
  • EzyDog Harnesses provide a no-choke dog harness option.  The chest harness plate sits on the dogs chest and takes the tension away from the neck.
  • EzyDog Leads and Harnesses are stylish and look great.  Available in matching Black, Pink, Red & Camo colours

EzyDog Leads

Ezy Dog leads are designed specifically for comfort for both owner and pet.  The shock-absorbing core has elastic properties and it acts between you and your dog to prevent your dogs pull from being direct.  This means there is no jolting action, which can cause shoulder strain and/or back pain for you as well as neck strain for you pet.  Cujo and Mongrel leads are built to handle up to 680kg of tension – now that’s a lot of pull!

The shock-absorbing core makes this lead perfect for use in combination with sports like bike riding, skateboarding, roller-blading and jogging.

EzyDog Pyramid HandleThe pyramid pull system handle of the Cujo and Mongrel leads also stops the hand from being pinched and evenly distributes the dogs load across the hand.  This handle, in conjunction with the shock-absorbing properties, provides the perfect amount of control and comfort for the strongest pullers.

Neoprene handle options also available.  Great for the jogger who likes to wrap the handle through his/her hands.

The Sparkey leash is suitable for dogs up to 10kg in weight.  Made with the same shock-absorbing materials, the Sparkey handles the smaller pullers with ease.

Extensions can be added on to any EzyDog leash for more length in open areas.  Walking two dogs at once could not be easier with EzyDog – simply add two extensions onto the one leash, leaving one hand free.  These double dog walkers have three swivel points, one at the end of the leash and one on the end of each extension.

This means that even crazy dogs won’t get tangled up!

EzyDog Harnesses

EzyDog Harnesses provide ergonomic control are the best possible support for walking, sporting and travelling dogs.  Now your dog can be safely restrained in your vehicle with the minimum of fuss by using the detachable swiveling car restraint.  Clip on your EzyDog Leash and you’re ready to walk, run or play. 
Made from durable materials with reflective stitching. 

EzyDog Car HarnessAdjustable for the perfect fit and available in five sizes to suit all breeds:

  • X-Small – suit Toy Breeds, Pomeranians, Miniature Terriers
  • Small –  suit Cavalier King Charles, Fox Terriers, Maltese Terriers
  • Medium – suit Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Kelpies, Miniature Poodles
  • Large – suit Labadors, Border Collis, Boxers, Dalmatians
  • X-Large – suit Golden Retrievers Salukis, German Shepherds

Finding the Right Sized Harness

Ezy Dog Sizing Guideline

About EzyDog

EzyDog started with the Original Shock Absorbing dog leash established in Australia over 9 years ago.  Building on this ingenuity, they put together a line of unique products with safety, comfort, and durability in mind for both you and your pet. They strive to be at the forefront of innovation for the active dog enthusiast.
At EzyDog they go out of their way to use the highest grade raw materials available. All of their dog leashes are handcrafted and individually spliced with intense attention to detail and quality. As part of their extensive research & development program each product undergoes months of rigorous testing and must survive abuse that destroys most other brands.
EzyDog like to think of themselves as big on:

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