Help, My Dog & Cat Have Fleas!

Some dogs & cats are highly sensitive to flea bites and only one flea bite can cause them to itch terribly. Sometime this leads to them gnawing away at the hair and bald patches may occur. In other cases they may be less sensitive to flea bites but the irritation is like us having multiple mosquito bites. 

Treatment of only the fleas on your dog or cat is unlikely to work in the long term. Each flea can lay hundreds of eggs so treating your pet as well as their environment is essential to get rid of fleas.

Quality flea treatments are recommended over older generic supermarket type products as the cheaper products are not as efficient and you are likely to prolong the suffering of your pet and end up spending more money over the longer term.

Flea LifecycleHere's our top tips for getting rid of fleas:

  • Remove adult fleas with either CAPSTAR TABLETS or FIDOs FLEA SHAMPOO.   Capstar can be given daily whenever adult fleas are seen on your pet.  Bathing ideally would not be more frequent than once a fortnight.
  • Treat the house & bedding.  We recommend FIDOs FLEA BOMBS or FIDOS INSECTICIDAL SPRAYS.  Washing of any bedding must be at 60 degrees or hotter and for a wash cycle of at least 10 minutes.
  • Break the flea life cycle to prevent them coming back. The following products are highly recommended for breaking the life cycle of fleas and preventing re-infestation:  ADVANTIX / REVOLUTION / ADVOCATE / ADVANTAGE / SENTINEL / FRONTLINE.  In some cases it may be worth administering more frequently than once per month.  Please ask our staff to recommend which would be best for your your pet as each treatment has different active ingredients and some do more than just treat fleas (Ticks / Heartworm / Intestinal Worms).  Advantix and Sentinel are for dogs only.
  • Treat the garden. In some cases you may have an outbreak of fleas and their eggs in your garden. If this is the case you will need to either spray the garden with an insecticide from your local garden centre or call in a pest controller. 


** DISCLAIMER: This article is the personal opinion of the Pets Unleashed team. We always recommend seeking specialist or veterinarian advice when it comes to making decisions about the health or well-being of your pet, particularly in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.