Our dogs are just as vulnerable to environmental allergies as we are. It is important to recognise symptoms in order to be able to treat your pet as soon as possible and not prolong discomfort that is easily relieved.

How can you tell if your dog has an allergy?

Some tips to help you recognise the signs:

  • Red or pink-ish skin
  • Itchy, scaley skin
  • Chewing of paws or pads on the foot
  • Constant scratching or biting

So what causes an allergy?

We talk to customers about the top causes of allergies and run through each of these in order to try and identify what may be the underlying cause or trigger.

  • Fleas - fleas can cause some dogs to suffer from quite extreme reactions to their flea bites.  
  • Diet - sometimes the smallest change in diet can trigger an allergic reaction.  Some dogs also develop reactions to some food over time - so it is possible that a change of food might be required.
  • Products - has there been any new shampoos, bedding or other products introduced that may be a trigger.
  • Environment - around the house and the yard - including plants, or perhaps a new mulch that has recently been laid.
  • Stress - whilst not an 'allergy' can be a cause for allergy-like symptoms and behaviours.

Sometimes you need to embark on a journey with your dog and eliminate things that may have been the trigger so you can identify the cause.

Food and Diet is a common trigger for allergies.  And sometimes the simplest treatment for an allergy is to change your dogs food.  Seek a raw food diet that has no preservatives - or try one of the sensitive skin dog foods such as 'Hills Sensitive Skin' dry food or Canidae Grain-Free.

As always, any questions please feel free to give us a call - we're here to help.