How to choose dog food is an important subject for many pet owners. Dogs can be a valuable part of the family and proper nutrition is up to you. When you look for things to feed your pet you will see a very large assortment of choices. Here is information to make that decision a little easier.

One of the most important considerations for canine nutrition is age. If you have a puppy, you will need to purchase special products that are made for young dogs. Puppies need things to help them develop and grow. You may wish to make your own or buy commercial pet foods. There are good things and bad things with both of these decisions. For instance, making your own food provides the purest ingredients but is much more work than buying ready-made products.

If you buy commercial puppy products you may receive all of the nutrients required. However, you must check the labels and research products completely. Check with your veterinarian or pet care professional on things like proper nutrition. This is best done when bringing your new puppy in for its initial exam. Most veterinarians carry several kinds of high quality pet foods.

When you purchase pet foods from your veterinarian, you may pay more than standard prices. However, you will be assured of the best products that you can feed your pet. You can also buy the same kind of premiuim products at reputable pet food stores or by searching online, as these products may be lower in cost.

You may have several dogs to feed and wish to buy in bulk to save money. This is fine if the dogs are of similar ages and size. However, puppies need twice the calories of adult dogs, as they are still growing. They require more fat, protein, phosphorus, and calcium also. Standard pet foods do not have proper puppy nutrition, in most cases.

Maybe your pet is older and needs a special diet. Your vet will help you choose the best products. When dogs age they should have products that are made for older dogs. Older dogs may have dental problems and require something softer than dry foods. They also may need something to encourage easier bowel movements, as they age.

Maybe you have no idea how to choose dog food. Your local vet or pet store can provide excellent advice on the matter. You may need to research several products to choose the one you like the best. Make sure that you choose products that are age specific.

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