Christmas Presents for Pets

If its Christmas time and you're a Sensitive New Age Pet Owner, then you have already compiled a long list of the presents that you are going to give to your pampered pet. If you're a little short on ideas though, maybe the following will help.

Give a Dog a Bone

The simplest things are often the best. So this Christmas why not 'give your dog a bone'?

Give a selection of bones, freeze them and give one each day, just as you leave for work. That will help to relieve boredom. Brisket bones, marrow bones, chicken wings, lamb shanks and ox tails are all wonderful bones for dogs. The smaller ones are great for cats too. Just ensure that you always give raw bones which your dog will be able to digest more easily. Rawhide chews and pigs ears are also wonderful and not quite as messy.

Kong Balls are like a bone with an IQ. A Kong is shaped like a bumpy pyramid and resembles the Michelin man. It will bounce unpredictably when thrown but also has a hole through the middle. Fill this hole with food and give the 'loaded' Kong to your dog or cat. The devious toy will entertain your pet for ages as your pet works out how to get the food. There are heaps of different sizes to suit dogs, cats and even bored and batty birds!

The Buster Cube and the Training Treat roller ball have a similar theme. Place food inside the cube and as your dog rolls it around the floor, fragments of food will fall out as a reward.

Twinkling Teeth for Christmas?

If you have a friend whose pet has 'death breath', give them a big hint by presenting their pet with a toothbrush and toothpaste for Christmas. Your vet and pet store have a pet tooth brush that fits over the end of a finger and a tube of toothpaste that goes with it. The toothpaste comes in unusual flavours like malt and poultry! Essence of postman is the next flavour on the list, especially for Rottweilers and Dobermans!

For cats and dogs, you could buy some enzymatic, dental chew treats. Rawhide chews are available for dogs and fish base chews for cats. The enzymes dissolve dental scale and tartar. The texture of the chews is such that they have a mild abrasive action that also helps to clean the teeth.

 The enzymes in the chews dissolve dental scale and tartar. The texture of the chews is such that they have a mild abrasive action that also helps to clean the teeth.

For pooches and puss cats that are young or for those that are lonely at night why not try a Snuggle Pet? These plush, furry pets come equipped with a vibrating heart that gives off a comforting and rhythmical beating sound that mimics the heartbeat of a companion.

Bird-brained Presents

Let's not forget our feathered friends. Treat bells, millet stalks, and seed sticks are a great idea and available from most pet shops.

What about toys for birds? A whole range of bird toys is now available to keep your feather duster chirpy. There's bells, ropes, paper, beads and so much more.  Why not buy a few so you can rotate them to keep them interested for much longer.


For great ideas and supplies, see your local pet shop and, in the meantime - have a happy Christmas!