Naming your pet can be difficult and overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you brain storm the perfect name!

Look at your pet. Does he or she have any distinctive physical traits? Colour, unusual markings, size, or other notable aspects of your pet's appearance that could suggest a variety of names? For example, an animal with yellow or gold colouring could be "Goldie", "Sunshine", "Butter", "Daffodill", or any number of other yellow or gold related names, or if you have a cat with white feet you could call him "Socks".

Think about your pet's personality. Does he or she remind you of a person, character or character type? Is there an activity he or she loves to do? "Mr Sassy Pants" "Captain Twinkle Toes", "Sinatra".

Consider any names that are unique. "Prince Boba fett", "Tiggy", "Peanut", "Ziggy" or "Dandy Lion", " Mr Meow Meow Thompson". Consider names that you like the sound of. Names from books, movies, or TV shows you enjoy. "Minnie Mouse", "Nanna", "Toto".

Get suggestions from friends or family. They may come up with suggestions you would of never thought of.

Consider human names and traditional dog names. "Sam", "Walter", "Molly", "Max", "Jake" or "Lassie".

Keep it simple. Remember that you will use this name often, so make sure it is easy to say quickly and easy for your dog to understand.  We often shorten the names to single syllables.

Try it out. Does the name sound good when hollered down the street? (hint:names with a long vowel sound carries further). What about in a conversation with a friend? Would you feel embarrassed to mention the name around certain people or in public? If so, you may want to consider a different name.

Once you decide on a name, don't use it a lot around your pet. You do not want your pet to mistake it as a common word.

If you can't decide on a name right away, don't worry, spend time with them and watch how they move and interact with you. All these antics will help make your decision easier.

** Article sourced from Just for Pets.  Pets Unleashed is a member of the Just for Pets buying group.