Royal Canin manufacture premium dog food and cat food - and have done so since 1967.  They were the first pet food company to manufacture food designed speciically for the size of your pet when they launched a diet exclusively for large breed dogs.  They were also the first pet food manufacturer to launch breed specific diets when they developed Persian 30, made specifically for a single breed of cat.

Royal Canin pet food is made with your pet's specific nutritional requirements in mind.

What type of Royal Canin dog food should I feed my dog?

Royal Canin Dog Food comes in two different nutritional varieties so you can find the best food for your dog.

  • Breed Health Nutrition - the Breed Health Nutrition range is developed based on the specific nutritional needs and sensitivities for your breed of dog.  The diet is designed to specifically meet those needs and requirements.
  • Size Health Nutrition - the Size Health Nutrition range is developed to suit the size of the breed of your dog.  Smaller dogs have different nutritional needs and energy requirements to medium and large or giant sized dogs.  So buying a dog food that suits the size of your dog makes perfect sense.

Breed Health Nutrition

The Breed Health Nutrition range of dog food is made especially for pure breed dogs.  Each diet is balanced nutritionally - right down to the biscuit or kibble shape and size - to suit the specific breed.  The Breed Health Nutrition range also caters for both puppy and adult dogs.

We stock the following varieties of BREED HEALTH NUTRITION  
   Royal Canin Boxer

Royal Canin Dachshund
  Royal Canin Golden Retriever
   Royal Canin Labrador
  • Royal Canin Maltese Adult
   Royal Canin Maltese
   Royal Canin Poodle
  • Royal Canin Rottweiler Adult
   Royal Canin Rottweiler
  • Royal Canin Shih Tzu Adult
   Royal Canin Shih Tzu
   Royal Canin German Shepherd


Size Health Nutrition

  • Mini - for small-sized dogs from 1 to 10 kg - smaller dogs are considered dogs under 10kg when at adult weight.  Small breeds would include Chihuahua, Maltese, Shitzu, Fox Terrier, Jack Russell etc.  Food for smaller dogs has a smaller kibble size and nutrition to suit their size and age.  Royal Canin Mini is available in varieties to suit Puppy, Adult and Mature (Senior) dogs as well as a Light option with lower calories for litle dogs who may be a little podgy!
  • Medium - for medium-sized dogs 11kg to 25kg - medium dogs are breeds of dog whose adult weight is between 11kg and 25kg. Medium-sized dogs are famous for their energy, and were historically working dogs often spending a lot of time exercising outdoors in all weathers.  Royal Canin Medium is designed to meet the health needs of the medium sized dog.  Available in varieties to suit Puppy, Adult, Mature (Senior) and Light (lower fat and calorie for weight control).
  • Maxi - for large-sized dogs 26kg to 44kg - Maxi is the range of Royal Canin food made specially for large breed dogs.  A large breed dog will have an adult weight between 26 and 44kg.  Active and sporty by nature, large dogs need an energy supply to suit their energy levels.  Larger dogs also need more joint care.  The Royal Canin Maxi range is available in varieties to suit Puppy, Adult and Mature (Senior) dogs as well as a Light (weight control) option.
  • Giant - for giant-sized dogs over 45kgRoyal Canin Giant is aimed at adult dogs whose adult weight exceeds 45kg.  The kibble size of the Giant range is made for larger mouths to encourage chewing and slow down the speed at which your dog eats.  The Giant range also caters for the specific joint and growth needs of the giant dog.  Available in varieties to suit Puppy through to Adult.
We stock the following varieties of SIZE HEALTH NUTRITION  
  • Royal Canin Mini
  Royal Canin Mini
  • Royal Canin Medium

Royal Canin Medium
  • Royal Canin Maxi
  Royal Canin Maxi
  • Royal Canin Giant
   Royal Canin Giant


Where can I buy Royal Canin Pet Food Online?

Right here, from Pets Unleashed of course!  We deliver dog and cat food Australia-wide.  We offer delivery at competitive prices based on the actual cost to us from Australia Post or Fastway Couriers. We do not charge a handling or packing fee.

To buy Royal Canin online simply browse our Royal Canin Dog Foods by brand - and place your order.  We ship most orders within 24 hours.