Missy and friend

Many of you have asked to hear the full story behind how our Missy; Little Miss Sunshine (also known as Piklet from her foster days), became part of the SavourLife family.

Missy was born in Queensland. At three weeks of age, Missy was taken to the vet due to her having a complex fracture in her leg. At this point, her owner instructed for her to be put to sleep due to the expense of treating her. That's when our friends at Best Friends Animal Community came in and saved the day!

Everyone that has come in contact with Missy believes that there is something special about her. Luckily, the vet saw something in her and contacted BFR to see if they would agree to save her.

BFR agreed to take her on and pay for her medical treatment. By this time her leg was unfortunately deemed too damaged to be repaired, so to give her the best chance to run and play like a normal dog, amputating the deformed limb was the best course of action.

Over the following weeks she had her operation and then was taken into foster care by the wonderful Emma and Felix. With a dog of their own and two kids under 5, this wonderful family started caring for Missy and giving her the rehabilitation work that she needed, while her furever home was found. A testament to some of the wonderful, selfless people who volunteer their time as foster carers; we'd like to thank Emma & Felix for the wonderful job they did in looking after and training Missy in her early weeks.

Missy as a puppyThis very sweet, well-natured and well-behaved girl was ready to find her home. We had followed her progress and well...sometimes you just know that something will be perfect...

Our Buddy needed a companion as he gets into his retirement years and we thought we could provide the perfect environment for her continued improvement and rehabilitation. We asked BFR if they would consider us as a potential permanent home....and here we all are.

Little Miss Sunshine, is just that, the sunshine in our day! All of us just adore this little girl and she makes everyone she meets just fall in love with her.

Thanks for all your kind words of support and we look forward to sharing Missy's and Buddy's adventure's together, as they help us spread the word of helping rescue dogs nationwide. It's already like they've known each other all their lives....



Savour Life Treats SavourLife® is a family-owned, Australian company inspired by a passion for dogs and a desire to make a difference. They produce premium products for dogs and donate 50% of our profits to pet rescue organisations, helping them save and re-home abandoned dogs.  They aim to educate and raise the awareness of rescue dogs through everything the company does; from social media channels, to our promotional events, all the way through to their unique 'See Who You Helped' code on each pack, which links you to your very own rescue dog.
Best Friends Rescue

Best Friends Rescue is a non-profit group dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and cats on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Most of these animals have been rescued from Death Row at council pounds while others have been surrendered by owners who for whatever reason can no longer keep the animal. 
Whilst they are waiting for their perfect and permanent family to come along the animals are placed into foster families .. all dogs and cats are vet checked .. desexed .. C5/F4 vaccinated .. wormed and are all on heartworm prevention and microchipped.