The Dog Food Debate - What Dog Food is Best?

Dry food, canned food, raw food, cooked food, just meat, vegetables.... Just what is the right food to feed your dog?
The answer you will get will probably depend on who you ask and what they feed their own dog. And here's our opinion...

Whenever we are asked what dog food is the best, we advise that there are two ways to go:

  1. Bones and Raw Food Diet (commonly known as the BARF diet); or
  2. Premium/Super Premium Dry Dog Food.

Either of these are equally as good and both are many times better than the cheaper dry or wet (canned) foods. And there are a number of reasons why we recommend them:

  • overall health of your dog will be better
  • potential to lower your long term vet bills
  • less chance of joint problems
  • less skin and coat irritations
  • less oral problems and better dental hygiene
  • lower chance of obesity
  • less stools & reduced stool odour (one of th extra benefits that we can all appreciate!)


So what is the BARF diet?

The BARF diet (‘Bones And Raw Food' or ‘Biologically Appropriate Raw Food')

This will take your dog back to a diet that mimics the food they would have eaten naturally - raw meats, bones, raw vegetables and some fruits. It is the optimum diet for your pet and has a number of benefits:

  • Improved skin and coat - and a reduction in those persistent skin problems
  • Increased energy levels - and improvements in mobility for arthritis sufferers
  • Improved teeth and breath - with cleaner, sweeter breath, tartar elimination, and healthier gums
  • Reduced stool volume and odour - through highly digestible products and a high bone content
  • Minimises the chance of developing common dog diseases - such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer, all of which can have as their basic cause modern cooked and processed grain based pet foods

At Pets Unleashed, we stock Big Dog (BARF) Patties as well as the Complete Organic Raw Food alternative providing an easy way for you to switch your pet to this diet. This form of the diet comes in a pack of frozen patties and in a range of different flavours (BARF - Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Kangaroo, Rabbit, Combination; Complete Organic - Chicken, Kangaroo, Goat).

Complete Pet Food       

Each pattie contains raw foods such as muscle meat, organ meat, bones, vegetables, fruit, eggs and yoghurt and are rich in essential fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, natural phytochemicals and anti-oxidants. There are no fillers, no chemicals, no colouring, no preservatives, no heat processing and no grains.

So why pay for the Premium/Super Premium dry dog foods?

Dog food is no different to our food in the sense that you get what you pay for. Whilst the cheaper brands may have a similar basic nutritional analysis, the quality of the ingredients is lower.

Cheaper brands are likely to have ‘fillers', such as wheat and sorghum, as their main ingredient. Fillers, especially wheat based fillers, are known to be a cause of food related allergies and intestinal upset in animals. Cheaper brands are also more likely to contain colourings, preservatives, additives, and higher levels of sodium - none of which are good for the long term health of your furry children.

You'll also find that the cheaper brands won't have the additional added ingredients essential for optimum growth, skin conditioning, stomach sensitivities, oral care or general well being.
Eukanuba LogoIf it's the price you'll pay for a bag of the super premium and premium brands that makes you glance away, remember that the premium foods are nutrient dense and you will be feeding your dog less per serving than the cheaper brands.

You'll also be providing them with much better nutrition which will save you money over the long term in other ways, including less unplanned visits to the vet.

We stock a range of the super premium and premium brands in store - Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet, Advance, Canidae, PRo Plan, Nutro Natural Choice, Eukanuba, & IAMS. Come in and have a chat about which one might be best for you.

** DISCLAIMER: This article is the personal opinion of the Pets Unleashed team. We always recommend seeking specialist or veterinarian advice when it comes to making decisions about the health or well-being of your pet, particularly in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.