Do you have a dog who likes to destroy toys, chew, chase and jump?  Then Aussie Dog toys are the toys for you.

Aussie Dog toys are safe, durable and 100% Australian made.  Specifically designed to stimulate your dog's natural behaviours like hunting, chasing and foraging.  These toys are used by veterinarians, zoos and people all around the world for dog training and stimulation.

The design and quality of Aussie Dog Toys is unlike anything else on the market.  They're also are used by horses, pigs, seals, sea lions, otters, ocelots, lions and the occasional polar bear - so there is no need to worry about the durability of these products. All Aussie Dog toys float and they're one of the safest toys in the world.  You and your pets will love them!

Here's a selection of our favourites below.  Click here to see our full range of Aussie Dog toys.

Aussie Dog Puppy Pack

A great starter for your puppy dogs toy collection!  Includes four great Aussie Dog toys for games such as fetch and tug plus a treat toy to keep your dog entertained when home alone.  Contains a Tuckerball, Ringathong, Slapathong and Catchball.  Available in three different sizes so all puppies of all sizes can have the perfect pack for them.

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Aussie Dog Puppy Pack

Aussie Dog Enduro Ball

The Enduro Ball is the ultimate hard wearing ball.  Made with aggressive playing dogs in mind it's a dog toy for the hardest of players and chewers!   The Enduro ball comes with a 12 month warranty - that's how tough this toy is!

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 Aussie Dog Enduro Ball

Aussie Dog Home Alone Dog Toy

The Home Alone Dog Toy is a great entertaining toy for your dog.  It's a food/treat dispenser toy and a tug dog toy. Hang it up for hours of bungy tug of war fun and entertainment.

When your dog pulls down on the toy and releases, it will spring up and excite your dog to continue to try and catch and bite the toy down.  You can place small amounts of food or treats in the ball so your dog gets rewarded whilst they're playing!  No more playing with your washing when they can play with this one!

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Aussie Dog Home Alone Dog Toy


Aussie Dog Staffy Ball

Another tough toy that comes with a 12 month warranty - which is exactly what you need a staffy toy to have!  Developed for use with lions you can be assured this toy is tough - and a heck of a lot of fun.

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Aussie Dog Staffy Ball


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